Concentrate of treasures, the interior decoration of Le Pavillon Henri II offers visitors sculptures, fine woodwork, murals, coffered ceiling, ornamental designs in gold leaf...

Built in the sixteenth century, in the heart of the Duchy of Valois, the oldest stronghold of the French monarchy, the "Pavillon Henri II" was enlarged and redecorated by the Duke of Orleans (1725-1785).

"The house of Mr Deviolaine was by me a much appreciated palace...", Alexandre Dumas wrote in his memoirs.

Sold as national property in 1795 to Jean-Michel Deviolaine (near Dumas and future Conservative father of the kingdom forests), he increases it in the field and makes it the "palace"., celui-ci en accroît le terrain et en fait ce "palais".

The property will then welcome a time Swedish Count Adolphe Louis Ribbing de Leuven during his exile in France.

Ducal residence and royal residence: King Louis-Philippe buys the Pavillon Henri II in 1843 in personal property. He held until his death.