How to obtain information and make their reservations?


Le Pavillon Henri II will be open:

For individuals:

From 12am to 6pm on the following days:

- April: 1-2-8-9-15-16-17-22-23-30
- May: 1-6-7-8-25-27-28
- June: 3-4-5-10-11-18-24
- July: 1-2-8-9-14-15-16-22-23-29-30
- August: 5-6-12-13-15-19-20-26-27
- September: 2-3-9-10-16-17-23-24-30

On the heritage days 16 and 17 September visit on every hour as follows:
Saturday: 10am-1pm and 2pm-7pm
Sunday: 10am-1pm and 2pm-7pm


- All year by appointment

For visits in english, please contact us via the Contact Us section of this website.



4 euros per person (Free for the children under 10 years, as well as drivers and escorts groups).

For further information or reservations, send a message from the Contact Us section of the website or call +33.666.112.867 or contact the Tourist Office of Villers-Cotterets at +33.323.965.510.